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Fun with my Parents

While Chris was gone (on the shortest deployment ever!), my parents came to visit for a week. And when they come, I get to go exploring parts of Georgia that I otherwise wouldn’t. It was Masters week too, so I wanted to get out of Augusta because this city is just a mess when its Masters week. Luckily, I don’t live near the golf course, so I can happily exist in the vicinity of my house without being caught up in a huge traffic jam.

On Saturday night — the second day my parents were there — Shecky did something to reinjure her CCL. She started limping, shaking, and even threw up from the pain :( Unfortunately, because of her severe allergy problems (she scratches herself until she’s bald and bloody) she’s on steroids and she has to be off her steroids for a couple days before she can have her pain meds. I’m talking to the vet about whether there is anything we can do in this situation if it happens again in the future, because it sucks to know that she’s in so much pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. As it was, we set her up on the couch with a heating pad and she laid around. By the next day, she was pretty much back to normal.

We went to the nursery (of the plant variety) one day to find out what I could plant in my planter that wouldn’t die and what we have to do to get things to not die in the sticky red clay. The guy directed us to Indian Hawthorne and instructed us to take out half the clay and mix it with manure. Done! My plants are doing nicely now, though they’re still small. I was too cheap to buy the bigger ones and the guy said they grow really fast. We also planted a silver maple tree in the front yard! It really did make the yard look so much nicer!

Another day, we went to Madison, which is a cute little historical city. It was the day after a big storm and tons of old trees had fallen over, which was really sad. We browsed around in candy shops and antique shops for a bit and just walked around. This is the courthouse – isn’t it cute?

It’s really dog friendly too – everywhere had bowls of water set outside for dogs. The best was the one that had a statue of Uga next to it. Bones thought it was a real dog and would run up to it, jump back, crawl back toward it, jump back, repeat. Two old ladies sitting at a table on the sidewalk were cracking up and then one of them said, “Well she must be a Georgia Tech fan.” Ha!

This is Uga

Then because we were only half an hour from Athens, we decided to head up there. I’ve never been before, but I will definitely be going back to explore.

We went to the Varsity, where we all got chili dogs and onion rings and even Bones and Shecky got hot dogs, because they are spoiled by my dad. I think I prefer the Varsity in Atlanta though.

The Varsity in Athens

And after we went to the Varsity, we found something amazing… Trader Joe’s! I bought an insulated bag and stocked up on ginger cat crackers, tomato soup, dog treats, garlic naan, gyoza, curry sauce, chana masala, flax seed chips, etc. Yum. I need Trader Joe’s in my life. Can’t wait until I get to DC and it’s not an hour and a half drive away!

The last place we went was Savannah. We ate at Moon River Brewing Company (because they let us have the dogs with us outside), then wandered along the riverfront sampling pralines and exploring.

Mmm Savannah. on Twitpic

My parents left early Friday morning, and Friday morning….

Look what I found at the airport! #Deploymentcancelled on Twitpic

Deployment got cancelled and Chris was home :) It would have been nice if they had cancelled the deployment before he left, but I won’t complain about a two week deployment. If only they were all that short!

And that’s what I’ve been up to.


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