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The Yellow

It’s slowly been warming up here, and I’ve been dreading the return of the yellow. Today, I looked at my weather forecast and saw my fears confirmed.

What is the yellow, you ask? This:

[Can you see the clouds behind the billboards? Those are CLOUDS OF POLLEN.]

It’s a terrible time. It wreaks havoc on allergies (mine AND Shecky’s!) and NOTHING can get clean. You have to keep your windows closed, take off your shoes before you enter your house, and vacuum every day — and the dirt container in your vacuum will be yelllow! Your deck, your sidewalk, the streets, the puddles, and your car will all be covered in a layer of yellow dust. And no matter how often you clean it, it will be back in under 10 minutes.

Lucky us, it’s coming early this year! But the peak still isn’t expected until March or April. Oh joy.

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7 Responses

  1. That’s a lot of pollen! Here in PA, I’m used to seeing the yellow on the car windows, but yellow clouds? My allergies are acting up from just looking at the photos!

  2. Nooooo! You are busting up my beautiful bubble of denial about that particular aspect of springtime. I just want to think about the warm weather, not the plant genetic material or the mosquitoes or any other possible annoyances. ;-)

    Have you ever looked at pictures of pollen under a microscope? They look like tiny little weapons of war; no wonder they irritate my poor nose.

    • Haha! The pollen is one of the many reasons my favorite seasons are fall and winter ;) And no, I’ve never seen pollen under a microscope, but I’m going to go google that now…

  3. I remember my very first year here in NC. I’d never seen pollen so bad!! I walked outside one day and I looked at my friend and said “Why is everything yellow???” She laughed at me. :-/ LOL

  4. Ahh.. memories of GA and the ridiculously high pollen counts! We’re getting a lot here in Pensacola right now too. I drive a blue car, which is currently a lovely green. I luckily don’t have allergies, so I just think “yay, spring!” when I see it. Sorry it’s doing a number on you!

    • I’ll just stock up on antihistamines and be good! What drives me craziest is not being able to open the windows. I’m not ready for spring just yet though…

  5. Noooo! I have experienced the yellow. In fact, our car was yellow this time last year. My allergies were never as bad as when we lived in GA.

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